Fresh fruits and vegetables. Wholesale.
also we help with

Bulk delivery
of vegetables and fruit

“Agrostar group” has been a wholesale supplier of fruit and vegetables of fruit and vegetables since 1997.
  • Delivery from all over the world

    from Europe

    France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Ukraine,
    Belorussia, Hungary, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Croatia

    from Asia

    Israel, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India,
    Bangladesh, Pakistan, China

    from Americas

    USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica,
    Ecuador, Mexico

    from Africa

    The Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Morocco, Egypt,
    Senegal, Ghana, Guinea
    and even from New Zealand.
  • Freshness and high quality guaranteed

    The storage and the transportation of the goods supplied by us are carried out by means of the use of the innovative and highly developed technologies in the sphere, including warehouses and storage terminals, equipped with special cameras for ion-beam treatment and long-term storage of such delicate products as bananas.
  • Assistance with the customs and delivery

    Customs clearance of cargoes and the possession of the own truck fleet enables Agrostar Group to develop the shipping logistics, which makes it easy to service our clients with the freshest fruit and vegetables..


10 years on the transportation market
in Moscow, on the territory of Moscow Region
and other cities of Russia.
Quick and safe.By professinals.


Special offers on he container lines of other national transporters.
  • Urgent and safe delivery of your goods
    by professional drivers
  • Transport that will arive in the nick
    of time to the shipping place
  • A big available car and customs vehicle fleet
  • Free of charge telephone consultations

To deliver your goods only powerful vehicles will be used, the ones that are not afraid of the Russian roads.

They won’t keep you waiting.


Our company has been delivering fruit and vegetables in bulk since 1997.

Among the company’s assets, there are warehouses, equipped with refrigerating arrangements. It enables to keep the products fresh. Take into consideration that all year long we get goods from different countries and continents by sea, air and ground.

We can offer our clients a variety of fruits and vegetables all year long. Long-term hearty partnership on the program upscale basis connects us with suppliers from Europe, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, China, South Africa and South America.

Our organization is an official participant of export activity, we realise import customs processing of your goods in the shortest time and with minimum expenses. Considering the fact that our import volume is significant, we have got special conditions on container lines and from other international transporters.

Being in possession of REF-autos fleet and the license to transport shipping make Agrostar Group punctual and professional. Our company has undergone the crisis and has adapted to the new working conditions successfully.

Цe develop the level sales, attract new clients, improve services. All in all, “standing steel” is not our concept.